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Dempsey Gray grew up in Sharjah, UAE and has since lived in Andorra, France and Spain. She and her husband Martin live with their rescued pet Terrapin, Terry, who dominates the garden near Chichester, West Sussex. With a love of travel, particularly Latin America, she takes every opportunity to meet people, enjoy local food, wine, culture and scenery of all new places she travels to. She speaks French and Spanish and is a qualified soft tissue therapist.

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Time and again, history comes back to haunt us. How we choose to deal with it often shapes our own happiness. Can we learn to live with our own decisions and the actions of others? Is there a difference between the need to know and the want to know? James fights to hold on to memories, which are slowly but surely being stolen from him. Will he make peace with his past before it is too late? Can this happen through telling the story of someone he barely knows?Will Lorena cope with what she discovers about her family history? Or will it destroy her and her loved ones? Are you defined by the sins of your forefathers?


How we are shaped by our ancestors’ actions

Chichester Observer13 Oct 2022Phil Hewitt phil.hewitt@nationalworld.comSelsey-based Lara Blake is in print with Refuge in the Land of Silver, written in the name of Dempsey Gray – abook which looks at ........


Emotionally intense and highly original Refuge in the Land of Silver proves a powerful debut for Dempsey Gray and a hard biography to put down. It’s a biography about what happens when the r ........



I thought I would write this story for a number of different reasons. Firstly I have tried to demonstrate a dementia journey. Like so many others, I didn’t realise what was going on with my love ........


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